The 10 Do’s of March

my march to-do list | via Finding Beautiful Truth

March to-do list . . . 

  1. Declutter drawers, starting in the office.
  2. Get swimsuit ready with this ab circuit 3x a week.
  3. Fold the laundry when it’s finished–no procrastinating!
  4. Donate clothes that don’t fit or haven’t been worn.
  5. Apply face moisturizer every morning and night.
  6. Ding dong ditch a neighbor with a plate of spring cookies.
  7. Load up the stroller for an afternoon at the park.
  8. Organize and throw out old beauty products.
  9. Invest in quality workout leggings (they’re on SALE!).
  10. Go out on a proper date + split dessert.

Do tell . . . what’s on your list this month?

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