What’s on My November To-Do List?

10 things I want to do in november | Finding Beautiful Truth

November to-do list . . . 

  1. Buy a Costco chocolate cake for Jake’s birthday.
  2. Make time once a week for a yoga class.
  3. Dress up in velvet for a fancy dinner + date night.
  4. Take Mary Jane to Disney World to celebrate her 1st!
  5. Stock up on canned pumpkin (it always sells out).
  6. Do some early Christmas shopping.
  7. Send thank you notes in honor of Friendsgiving.
  8. Ditch late night snacking–no food after 8PM.
  9. Go for a walk every afternoon, weather permitting.
  10. Taste-test a few of these recipes before Thanksgiving.

What’s on your list? I’d love to hear what you’re up to!

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  • #8 and #9 are part of my list too! I was doing well the past few nights up till last night since I was too tempted to have some bananas and chocolate hazelnut butter lol! And I don’t want the cold weather to discourage me from taking walks outside, so that is something I’m keeping in mind as well.


    • The chocolate cake is his favorite. It’s HUGE and we can never finish it all, so we like to freeze it and microwave it when we get a chocolate craving! Best thing to keep in your freezer, hands down.

    • Let’s do it! I want to have everything done early so I can fully enjoy the month of December without any extra stress. One can dream, right?!?

  • I love these posts! It seriously makes me stop and think about what I want to accomplish on a monthly basis. It feels a bit more accessible than yearly goals, as those get lost along the way. A month seems easier to manage. 🙂

    • I couldn’t agree more. New Year’s Resolutions are so intimidating (and in most cases far too unrealistic!). I’ve found that I’m much better at tackling 10 things I want to actually do each month.