Our Best Baby Buys of 2017

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Best baby buys of 2017 . . . 

It’s been a year of trial and error as new parents, and I can honestly say that I’ve learned a lot along the way. We’ve purchased quirky gadgets, tried natural remedies and invested in the latest tech to try to make our lives easier (and Mary Jane happier!). Here are a few of our best baby buys of 2017–they’re things that really worked and products we really loved.

The Lineup

Soothie Pacifiers
We were introduced to these pacifiers in the NICU, and now we buy them in bulk. Teething tip: store them in the freezer for instant relief. We call them baby pops (AKA popsicles).

Baby Wipes + Diapers in Bulk
If there’s one thing you can never have enough of, it’s wipes and diapers. We order ours in bulk from Amazon using the Subscribe & Save feature (more about that here) because they arrive within days, are delivered directly to my door and save us money. Psst! We buy + love these generic wipes.

Snuza Movement Monitor
There’s always a sense of anxiety when it comes to bedtime, and we can’t help but worry. Souza’s movement monitor puts our minds at ease (and it helps that it also has a ton of positive reviews).

Boppy Newborn Lounger
I love this lounger so much that I’ve purchased it for multiple friends as baby shower gifts. It comes in under $30, and Mary Jane happily lounged until she was just too big to fit.

Halo Sleepsack
These sleepsacks are one of the tricks we picked up from Mary Jane’s time in the NICU. They come in multiple colors and offer the swaddle option or arms free. We used these until Mary Jane started to roll over.

Travel Stroller
I got this travel stroller for our trip to Disney, and it exceeded my expectations. It’s very light (only 11 pounds!), folds up neatly and has a large storage compartment underneath that can hold a large diaper bag. Plus, the back lays flat so the stroller doubles as an on-the-go changing station.

Gate Check Bag for Travel Stroller
To keep our travel stroller in the best condition possible + as germ free as possible, we ordered an airplane-friendly cover. This size fits perfectly and stores in a compact little pouch.

Ikea High Chair
This will be the best $20 you ever spend. I searched far and wide for a stylish high chair–they’re really expensive! Instead, we went with the ANTILOP High Chair with Tray. Assembly only takes 5 minutes so you’ll hear no complaints about this Ikea purchase from me.

Stroller + Carseat System
If there’s one item to splurge on, it’s definitely a stroller. We use our set by Nuna multiple times a day, and I am so pleased with it’s ease and functionality. The carseat clips right in to the stroller base, or I can use the stroller seat (that can face either forward or backward).

*Another feature I LOVE: the stroller sits higher at table height so it can function as a seat when you’re dining out. This has relieved so much stress! I simply pull Mary Jane up to the end of the table, and she instantly feels like a part of the group. No high chair, no problem.

Baby Headphones for Hearing Protection
These Baby BanzZ headphones are great to have on hand. We use them while traveling, at large sporting events or anytime fireworks are involved. Added bonus: these headphones come in 15+ prints, colors and patterns.

Have your own best baby buy to add to our list? PLEASE share your recs in the comments below!

photo by Gentri Lee

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  • As a nanny, I can definitely appreciate some of these products even though I’m not a mom. The baby I nanny doesn’t love taking a passy, but we are trying to get her there because she sucks her thumb off. lol. She likes a very similar passy, though I’m not sure what brand hers is.